The benefits of combining your electrics

The benefits of combining your electrics

Energy bulbs

How does low electricity lighting help you?

With lighting consuming up to 20% of the world’s electricity, it is time for homeowners and
businesses to change to Low Energy Lighting which not only helps the environment
but brings costs savings too. Find out how to be eco-friendly.

We recommend purchasing A rated low energy light bulbs for energy efficiency rather than incandescent bulbs which are D rated.

Many companies supply the range of 220-240V bulbs, all of which should be listed on their website. These bulbs can also be supplied in 120V. Please contact us for more details.

Sherwood Energy Village also supplies a range of solar garden lights and solar educational products.

Data cabling industry specialists

In recent years, the change for green in cabling and telecoms has rocketed. Continue reading to find out what data cabling is and how it can benefit your office.

All companies will need a good communication system in order to support services and staff. The IT infrastructure must be strong, secure and able to adapt to the foregoing changes within the business. For structured cabling in London, visit

Having a secure data cabling system in place hosts many advantages to your business, including offering predictable performance values and the ability to accommodate to changes and moves.

The top 5 benefits of network cabling include:

  • Provides a simple answer. There is no need for confusing wires as they will be replaced with a structured system.
  • Increases data speed and provide a faster transmission which improves business productivity.
  • It allows for efficient changes and upgrades so future moves will be much easier.

We have recently undergone some serious experiments! Check out our results here.

Data cabling services in London

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